Executive Accelerator

Do what you haven't done before.

There are many managers and politicians - but very few leaders. Leaders step up when needed by their organizations. Are you a leader, but the challenges have changed? Is it time to get more accomplished with a new perspective and behavior? Is leveraging your time and energy more important now? Do you wish you had a confidential source to discuss the complex challenges of leadership related to your goals?

Leadership starts here...

Executive Acceleratorâ„¢ gives you the opportunity to surprise yourself again and take a lead role in evolving your organization - with greater personal satisfaction. What it looks like:

  • Insights and on-going feedback from your highly trained Grinnell Leadership consultant related to your goals, organization and what you want to achieve.
  • Valued counsel on how to influence and lead others in your organization.
  • Systematic reinforcement of new perspectives and behavior - linked to your success and personal satisfaction.

...And results follow

This customized program is a multi-step investment in your future as a professional and future of your organization. You will:

  • With your elevated challenges in mind, work with an executive consultant to gain insights into how to more fully apply your strengths and to candidly learn to manage your weaknesses as a leader.
  • Participate in a Leadership JumpStart intensive executive group coaching process to gain from the diverse perspectives and experience of other executive leaders.
  • Collaborate with your consultant to deploy a customized action plan tied to your mission.
  • Sustain accountability in your leadership growth