Executive Coaching

With Grinnell, it's not about getting the answer right. It's about doing what's right.

As an accomplished professional, you have likely attended leadership seminars or workshops where the stated or implicit agenda was to debate the ideal elements of leadership and find the "right" answers. But organizations aren't ideal - they are complex units driven by multi-faceted individuals and networks of human behavior. Executive Coaching through Grinnell Leadership does not take place in an abstracted or ideal world. Your expert consultant works with you to tackle the real challenges and complicated contingencies that make up any organization.

What can I expect?

  • Completely customized process that promotes your growth within the context of your team's goals and initiatives
  • Concrete action plan that results in concrete outcomes for you and your team
  • Organizational and personal insights culled from the 20+ years of experience from your coach
  • Thoughtful reflection and systematic dismantling of long accepted, but unproductive beliefs - in other words, discomfort

Who benefits from executive coaching?

  • Chief executives in need of objective expertise from someone who is committed to understanding their company
  • Executive managers working to meet organizational objectives with greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Managers preparing to take on more responsibilities
  • High-potential managers or executives at risk of derailment