TeamTrust Workshop

COVID-19 has forced many organizations to work remotely.

You may have mastered Zoom, GoToMeeting, and SKYPE, and have excellent administrative processes and technical or scientific expertise, but the real differentiator, especially now within remote working environments, is the human system.

More Specifically

Historically, even co-located teams have difficulty building the highest levels of trust. Within a virtual environment, it is even more challenging to do so in a way that translates into greater-than-before team performance. Our TEAMTRUST WORKSHOP™ is four days of intensive team coaching based in personal self-awareness and team dynamics. This workshop will help your team rapidly establish a foundation for amazing levels of authentic communication, collaborative competency, and results.

What your team can expect

  • Four days of breathtaking intensity.
  • Insight into Team Dynamics form our proprietary TEAMTRUST SURVEY™
  • Deeper insight into self- limiting beliefs and how to express greater potential
  • Dramatically enhanced authenticity of communication and problem-solving
  • Commitment to group behaviors that supports success
  • Common language and model of team leadership.
  • Refined insight into teamwork strengths and blindspots.
  • Commitment to “enlightened other interest” that knows “as I help or hurt others, I help or hurt myself and the enterprise.”


This is a limited offer on a first come, first approved basis. Before we agree to provide this service, we require an in-depth interview of executive leadership to see if this is a good fit for your organization. Once approved, as part of the program fee we also require that the team leader attends our Leadership JumpStart® program prior to the TEAMTRUST WORKSHOP™.

Up to 12 people per cohort. Please call for more details.